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Ballot paper in Braille to help blind persons cast their vote When contacted, Deputy District Election Officer Apurva Wankhede said that ballot papers in Braille have in fact been printed and given to polling staff at each booth. "As far as possible I try not... General 15/Apr/2014
Blind to the Barriers Educational institutions need to open their eyes to the world of the disabled and make that much-needed effort to be inclusive, something they are utterly lacking in now Reservations under the... Discrimination, General, Education and Employment 14/Apr/2014
London Marathon 2014: Ilford man running 30th marathon with visually-impaired Paralympian For many people, one marathon is enough, but Harmander Singh is running his 30th consecutive London Marathon. Harmander, 54, runs with Ilford group Sikhs in the City and trained the world’s oldest... General, Adventure and Sports 14/Apr/2014
Imagine if you could tell the time by touch? Well, now you can. Watches designed for visually impaired people often look like any other watch. But they usually have a button on them that tells the time out loud. It sounds like a robot. And the reason why blind... General 14/Apr/2014
Delhi's disabled cast a smooth, hurdle-free vote New Delhi, April 11: Ajanta Pokhrel, 32 and visually impaired, described her vote-casting experience on Thursday here as "different". With polling stations equipped with wheelchairs, Braille sheets... General 14/Apr/2014
Physically challenged girl rape case: Haryana Police's laxity revealed It is not just the politicians who are insensitive to gender issues but a DSP in Haryana too has been caught on a hidden camera displaying complete callousness in dealing with the gangrape of a... Discrimination, General 14/Apr/2014
Visually impaired voters get familiarised with EVMs in Thanjavur Those who do not know Braille can take an assistant along with them Electronic Voting Machines were demonstrated to blind persons at the Government School for the Blind near the bridge here on... General 14/Apr/2014
Easter Egg Hunt Uses Beeping Eggs for Blind and Visually Impaired Children Axton, VA-- It's about the time of the year again when kids are going on Easter egg hunts. But there's a group of children that usually don't get to do that, kids that are blind or visually... General 14/Apr/2014
Virtual Cane Helps Blind People Move Around with Voice Prompts Last year we saw a robot cane for visually impaired people that warns its user of obstacles with an audible alert. The Virtual Aid for the Visually Impaired or VAVI by grade 10 student Roman Kozak... Science & technology, Product and Technology 14/Apr/2014
Helping the visually impaired with sensor tech An IIT Delhi lab has developed an innovative high-tech cane that allows blind persons to easily guide themselves through their environment. It uses modern sensor technology to detect obstacles and... Science & technology, Product and Technology 14/Apr/2014


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