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5 Visually Impaired Comedians Who Have Broken All Kinds of Disability Myths

From India to Canada, these 5 Visually Impaired Comedians Have Broken All Kinds of Disability Myths

By Anoushka Mathews

There are plenty of visually impaired people making waves in the world of stand-up comedy. Here are five of the best.

Comedy opens your heart, releases tension, and gives you different ways to think of things.” – Anonymous

Digital India: A boon for the visually impaired

By Shruti Pushkarna

Digital India is a transformational idea that needs to be exploited beyond its present scope to bring persons with blindness and visual impairment into the mainstream.

Digital Literacy, Digital Divide, Digital Inclusion. These terms are increasingly becoming a part of our conversational vocabulary, thanks to Prime Minister Modi’s flagship campaign, Digital India.

Science Beyond Sight

Extending the boundaries of science beyond traditional modes of teaching that rely heavily on sight will go a long way to ensuring the dream of inclusive education is realized meaningfully. Anoushka Mathews explores further.

Fourteen-year-old Kartik Sawhney dreamt of pursuing an education in the sciences. He worked harder than his peers and spent extra hours on his lessons. His natural aptitude for science was matched by his dedication for perfection.

What govt needs to do to make Rights of Persons with Disability Act work

By Koshy Mathew

"A human being is a magnificent creation and the magnificence must reflect in a humane, magnanimous, and all-inclusive manner so that every individual tends to feel that she/he deserves space," as observed by the Supreme Court in the Pranay Kumar Podder vs State of Tripura and Others case in 2017.

There is potential progress on the horizon as inclusion, integration and phrases that would define their essence are discussed zealously, but what portends horror is that it is still left to choice - that it is not the practice.

How Technology Is Helping Visually Impaired People Take Exams Independently

In the Digital India of today, there is a need to re-look at the modes of assessment for blind and visually impaired students.

Do you remember playing ‘Chinese Whispers’ as kids? Whispering words and phrases down a chain of friends, and ending up in giggles at the distorted line of communication!

Resources for Travelers With a Vision Impairment

If you or a loved one has a vision impairment, traveling anywhere can seem like a daunting prospect…but it doesn’t have to be! With the correct planning, precautions, and awareness, you can make sure your next trip is enjoyable and successful.

Below you’ll find a wide range of resources offering detailed advice for visually impaired travelers and their companions. These include travel tips that will help you get from A to B, learn about rights for disabled travelers, and plan your journey using informative websites.


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